Creating Investment Goals

Before you invest, you should first make a vivid picture of what you plan to do with the profits. Setting a goal allows you to motivate yourself and endure serious emotional or financial backlashes, as it provides more conviction for you to continue. Whether your goal is a long term or a short term, it has to be attainable and not out of this world. It can be a plan to buy a car or a house. It can be a plan to fund a college education for your kids. Or prepare for your retirement funds. Whatever the reason you … Continue reading Creating Investment Goals

Thinking of Your Retirement Funds

If you are someone who thinks way ahead of your time or someone who’s planning to retire early, you may want to consider saving your excess cash as early as possible for your retirement. But with living expenses getting higher, this may be a lot more difficult to do than said. Usually, we can avail ourselves of retirement plans prepared by your employers or some institutions such as insurance companies or government agencies. But in this dog-eat-dog world, such things are more often than not, unreliable. This is why some people prefer to invest their money rather than just saving … Continue reading Thinking of Your Retirement Funds