How you can Buy Stocks Online

Buying stocks online is more or less just the same as how you can buy stocks in the traditional way. This is why you would need to know at least a little bit about trading and stocks exchange before you can buy stocks online. However, this does not mean that buying stocks online is a hard task to do. With the advances in technology, it is now easier for investors to buy and sell stocks from their computers, although, the principal basics still apply. For example, before anything, you need to get to know the market. Most experts say that … Continue reading How you can Buy Stocks Online

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Investing

As you go on the process of investing, you may commit a few mistakes. There are big mistakes, however, that you should completely avoid if you want to be a successful investor. For example, the biggest mistake that you could ever make is not investing at all, or putting off investing until later. Let your money work for you, even all you have is $20 a week to invest! Another big mistake to avoid is investing before you are in the financial position to do so. Stabilize your current financial situation first, and then start investing. Clean up your credit … Continue reading Common Mistakes to Avoid in Investing

Different Investment Styles

There are different kinds of investments that you can choose from. In fact, you may find these choices confusing especially if you are a novice investor. So to simplify things, we group them into mainly cash, bonds, and stocks. Choosing these three types of investment are influenced by the amount of risk tolerance you have, and also by the type of investor that you are. Conservative investors with a low risk tolerance invest in cash; in this sense, they put their money in a savings account or the likes. Considered as investments with the slowest growth, cash is also the … Continue reading Different Investment Styles