What to Look For in Your Trading Journal

In my previous post, I mentioned what to include in your trading journal. Now that you have started keeping one, now what? Your trading journal will help you succeed in investing. By carefully reviewing your trading journal you should be able to improve on your gains, and avoid some key losses. You’re also likely to pick up on the habits which are holding you back and the methods which are working for you. Unfortunately, even the best traders will lose money sometimes. But hopefully through your analysis you can work out what is and isn’t successful for you and how … Continue reading What to Look For in Your Trading Journal

What To Write in Your Trading Journal

So, you want to make millions trading? Who doesn’t? The only problem is how do you know which trading habits are working for you and which are working against you? Most successful traders make it a point to keep a trading journal where they can keep track of and analyze their trades. A trading journal doesn’t have to be fancy and can be as simple as writing down certain details of your trades in a notebook or in a word document, or much better in Google Docs. However, seeing as how Excel is better suited for numbers and charts, it … Continue reading What To Write in Your Trading Journal